Her Outback Secret

A stubborn city girl, a grieving cowboy, and a bushranger’s legacy.

Kylie Douglas is intent on selling her grandmother’s homestead because she needs the money. Jack Lawson is trying to buy the homestead because he needs to stay living there.

But when the homestead unearths its many secrets, Kylie and Jack’s worlds collide as the past comes back to haunt them. Will her grandmother’s biggest secret tear their world apart?

Ebook – ISBN-13: 978-0-9752298-7-3


     ‘Hello, I, um… Oh!’ Her pale hazel eyes widened as she quickly turned away from the guy standing under an outdoor shower. He was naked. In the buff. Not a stitch of clothing graced his body. She stole another quick look. His body was lean, very muscular, and very nice. He was still rinsing the suds out of his dark hair and hadn’t heard her arrive. Tilting her head slightly to the side she watched the water run over the muscles on his shoulders, down his back and finally cascade over his buttocks. His very taut buttocks. She watched the muscles in his forearms tense as he reached over to turn off the water, the action turning his body sideways so she could see the flatness of his stomach and…
     ‘Uh, can I help you?’ He quickly turned his body away from her and reached up to grab his hat.
     ‘Yes, you can!’ she let slip out of her grinning mouth. ‘Oh, sorry, I mean, I hope you can. I’m supposed to meet someone at this address.’ She looked at her watch. ‘But I’m a bit early.’ What an idiot she was. He’d sprung her perving on him and now she was babbling on like some love-struck school girl. Her face was heating up and she knew she’d be blushing as bright as a tomato in a few seconds. She wasn’t a teenager, she wasn’t even a twenty-something-er anymore. She was in her thirties for goodness sake. She was a mature woman who had everything under control. Well, almost.
     ‘Ah, you must be the granddaughter then,’ the naked man said as he walked toward her.
     Not sure where to direct her eyes she turned to face him, and grinned. He was covering his privates with his Akubra hat. She started laughing. Laughing hard. This, she wasn’t expecting. Especially out here in the back of who-knows-where. It almost made up for the run-down little dump of a house she’d apparently inherited. A tall, gorgeous guy showering naked outside and she was getting an eye full of, well, everything. That made her day. Even if she was embarrassed about getting sprung perving at him. As he got closer she glanced at the Akubra hat again and tried to stop laughing, but it was just too funny. She dragged her eyes away from the hat and looked up at him. He was now smiling himself and extended his hand to her.
     ‘Hi, I’m Jack, Jack Lawson, you must be Kylie.’ His smile exposed a small dimple in each cheek.
     Did he have cute little dimples on his butt cheeks too? Maybe next time she’d get a little closer so she could see better… What was she thinking? ‘Yes, that, would be… me,’ she answered, losing herself in the depth of his deep blue eyes as she looked up at his face.


  1. Nikki

    It’s perfect, such a great story. I loved it can’t wait for the next book.

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