I can’t believe you clicked through to see what’s on this page (you must be really bored, lol). So I’ve put the random stuff first and the more serious stuff further down the page.

Some random things about me:

  • I was born into a circus family (not literally, but my family did own a circus in Czechoslovakia before coming to Australia). So I could have been a seventh generation circus horse performer if we still owned a circus. My grandfather was the fifth generation in his family’s circus to ride and train the circus horses, and he also made his own saddles, including the more elaborate Spanish style saddles for the Lipizzan dancing horses.
  • I’m a tennis champion! Well, the Yr 3 Girls Champion at Holy Spirit School in 1980 (yes I was 8yrs old and one of the few girls who turned up on the day, lol). I also attended a tennis tournament that same year, my first and last tournament (obviously didn’t make it past the first round).
  • I never finished high school but later did THREE university degrees in a row (crazy, I know).
  • I have C-PTSD from childhood trauma.
  • I once won a 10kg block of chocolate.
  • I love Chinese food.
  • I met my husband when I was 13 (nearly 14) in 1986 and we are still together. My hubby hates Chinese food but loves chocolate.
  • I’m approximately 150cm TALL!

Now for some serious stuff:

  • I’m approximately 150cm TALL!